Fanvil X3SP Pro EntryLevel

KSh 6,000.00

X3SP Pro Entry Level IP Phone.

  • 4 SIP lines, SIP hotspot
  • 4” main color display
  • HD audio on speakerphone and headset.
  • Support local 6-party conference
  • Integrated PoE
  • Compatible with major platforms: Yeaster, Avaya, Elastix, etc.


Fanvil X3SP Pro EntryLevel IP Phone.

The Fanvil X3SP Pro EntryLevel is an entry-level IP phone with a color screen. With high-definition voice, a 320×240 2.4-inch color main screen, 4 SIP lines, a local 6-party conference call, and other features including an EHS headset, it provides customers with a premium and comfortable experience at a reasonable price.

Fanvil X3SP Pro EntryLevel

Features of Fanvil X3SP Pro.

Stylish Outlook, Easy Operations of Fanvil X3SP Pro

The X3SP Pro’s look carries on the aesthetic style of the previous generation. with an intuitive user interface and a graphic icon interface. With a minimal learning curve, it is simple to use. An entry-level IP phone that looks good on any desk is the Fanvil XSP Pro. It features simple operation and a clean, contemporary look.
A sizable, 2.4-color display on the XSP Pro makes it simple to read. The phone’s user-friendly UI makes it simple to operate.
Numerous pre-loaded functions including:
  • caller ID,
  • call waiting,
  • voicemail,
 For any home office or small business, the XSP Pro is a fantastic option. It is nicely made for an aesthetically pleasing look at an affordable price.

HD Audo Call of X3SP Pro

The Fanvil X3SP Pro is an entry-level IP phone that is perfect for small businesses and home offices. This phone has HD audio and a sleek design that makes it easy to use.

The wideband audio decoding standards G.722 and Opus are supported, and Fanvil X3SP Pro has HD audio handles and built-in HD speakers. It offers you the best HD audio communication quality and noise reduction.

The X3SP Pro has two lines and can support up to four calls at once. This phone also has:-

  • Built-in directory,
  • Call forward,
  • Call waiting features.

If you are looking for an entry-level IP phone with a good audio set, the Fanvil X3SP Pro is a perfect choice

6-Way Audio Conference Calls in Fanvil X3SP Pro EntryLevel

A fantastic entry-level IP phone that enables up to 6-way audio conferences is the X3SP Pro. This phone is ideal for home offices or small businesses that require a dependable and economical IP phone.
Up to 5 people may join the conference call by invitation from the conference organizer. This can considerably increase the company’s or organization’s internal and external collaboration efforts and boost communication effectiveness.
The X3SP Pro is a fantastic option for an entry-level IP phone because of its many capabilities. HD Voice, which offers crystal-clear and realistic sounds, is supported. Additionally, the device has a sizable display that makes it simple to see caller information and call controls.
Small enterprises that must communicate with numerous people at once can benefit greatly from using this phone. Additionally, the X3SP Pro has an integrated voicemail system so you can manage your messages without using an outside provider.
The X3SP Pro is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an entry-level IP phone that is reasonably priced and dependable. It contains all the tools you require to place and receive calls, and it is capable of handling conferences with up to 6 participants with ease.
The highly configurable DSS keys of the XSP Pro are one of its outstanding features. There are a total of 12 DSS keys, and each one can be programmed to carry out different tasks. You could set a key to call someone, send an instant message, or even check your voicemail, for instance. After defining the function of the modification, each DSS key can be configured to be a LINE, BLF, or Speed Dial extension that is activated with a single click.
A built-in web browser on the XSP Pro makes it simple to access your email or corporate intranet. Additionally, the XSP Pro contains both USB and Ethernet connectors in case you need to connect to a PC. If you want an inexpensive IP phone with lots of features, the Fanvil XSP Pro is a great option.
If you don’t have a PoE switch and the phone adapter is short, you can go for a wireless version of the phone. Fanvil X3SW Wireless WiFi IP Phone.

Specifications of Fanvil X3SP Pro.

Fanvil X3SP Pro
Man Screen 320×240 2.4” Color-screen
 Side Screen  x
 Video Code  x
 Video Call  x
 Camera  x
 DSS Key   2 (Multiplexing Line keys)
 SIP Lines 4
Line Keys 2
Local PhoneBook 1000
Call Log  600
Audio Conference 6-way local conference
HD Audio  Yes
 Wideband Codec G.722,Opus
 Bluetooth  x
 Wifi  x
 PoE  X3S Pro × X3SP Pro
Network 10/100 Mbps
 EHS Headset  Yes
 Foot Stand 45°& 50°







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