Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX at a good and affordable price

KSh 35,000.00


  • 20 Users
  • 10 Concurrent Calls
  • Up to 4 FXS/FXO/BRI Ports
  • Up to 1 GSM/3G/4G Channel
  • 20 VoIP Trunks

Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

The Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX is a compact and powerful communication system designed for small businesses. It supports up to 20 users and 10 concurrent calls, making it suitable for small office environments. The S20 PBX offers a range of features including auto-attendant, voicemail, call routing, and more. It also supports a variety of VoIP protocols and can be easily integrated with existing phone systems. With its user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing, the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX is a reliable solution for small businesses looking to upgrade their communication infrastructure.

The Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX is engineered with scalability in mind, accommodating up to 20 users and 10 concurrent calls. This flexibility allows businesses to grow seamlessly, ensuring that their communication infrastructure evolves with their needs. Whether you are a small startup or a thriving mid-sized company, the S20 adapts to your requirements, making it a future-proof investment.

Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

Installation and configuration of Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

To install and configure the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX, follow these steps:

1. Unpack the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX and its accessories from the packaging.

2. Connect the power adapter to the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX and plug it into a power outlet.

3. Connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX to your local network.

4. Connect an analog phone to the FXS port of the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX for testing purposes.

5. Access the web interface of the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX by entering its IP address in a web browser. The default IP address is

6. Log in to the web interface using the default username and password, which are both “admin”.

7. Follow the setup wizard to configure basic settings such as the date and time, network settings, and admin password.

8. Set up the SIP trunks and extensions for your VoIP service provider and users.

9. Configure the inbound and outbound routes for call handling.

10. Set up any additional features and settings as needed, such as IVR, call recording, and voicemail.

11. Test the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX by making and receiving calls using the connected analog phone.

12. Once everything is working as expected, you can deploy the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX in your production environment.

It’s important to refer to the official Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX user manual for detailed instructions on installation and configuration. Additionally, you may need to consult with your VoIP service provider for specific settings and configurations.

Features of Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

  • Support for up to 20 users
  • Call forwarding and call transfer
  • 3-way conference calling
  • Voicemail and fax support
  • Scalable and cost-effective solution.
  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Auto attendant
  • Call queue
  • Music on hold
  • Remote management and monitoring

Specifications of Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

  • Up to 20 users and 10 concurrent calls
  • Includes 20 SIP trunks
  • Add module cards to activate additional ports up to 4 Analog, 4 BRI, and 1 GSM
  • Includes 5,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage
  • Built-in call recording capability
  • Add on powerful apps including auto provisioning, LDAP, and more
  • Free lifetime software/firmware upgrades
  • Connect multiple sites and remote users instantly
  • No hidden charges or extra licensing fees
  • Low power consumption at 1.8-10.6W
  • Automated attendant (IVR)
  • Email to SMS/SMS to email
  • Fax to email
  • Paging/intercom
  • Mobility extension
  • Music on hold
  • SIP forking
  • Voicemail to email
  • Desktop and wall-mount capable

Expansion modules of Yeastar S20 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) PBX

The Yeastar S20 IP PBX is a great business investment, but to get the most out of it you’ll want to consider purchasing expansion modules. These modules can add extra features and functionality to your PBX, making it even more powerful and versatile.

One popular expansion module is the FXO port module. This module allows you to connect an analog phone line to your PBX, giving you the ability to make and receive calls over the internet using your regular phone number.

Another popular module is the VoIP gateway module. This module allows you to connect your PBX to a traditional telephone network, giving you the ability to make and receive calls to and from regular landline phones.

There are many other expansion modules available for the S20 VoIP PBX, so be sure to do your research to find the ones that best fit your needs. With the right modules, you can turn your Yeastar S20 into a truly powerful business tool.

Expansion Modules

Yeastar Modules.

  • S2 Module
  • O2 Module
  • SO Module
  • B2 Module
  • GSM Module
  • 3G Module
  • 4G LTE Module


Expansion Board.

  • S-Series EX08 Expansion Board.
  • S-Series EX30 Expansion Board.

Explore the full list and features of Yeastar Telephony Modules and Expansion Boards

Use case and Deployment of Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S20 is a VoIP PBX that supports up to 20 users. It is a great choice for small businesses that want to improve their communication system.


  • Branch Office Solution Interconnect multisite with ease and benefit from free and seamless inter-office communications.
  • Call Center Integration Support integration with Queue Metrics and Asthenic Call Center to drive business success.
  • CRM Integration Boost business productivity with screen-pop upon calls and more integration features.
  • Hospitality Solution Streamline hotel operations with Hotel PMS Integration, Hotel App, and more functionalities.

 Support Center.

Compatible IP Phones

Yeastar has excellent interoperability to offer the easiest solution and support various compatible SIP phones.

PBX System Recommendation

Fill in your PBX system needs and we will help you find the right S-Series model through this web Application from Yeastar

Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX Demo

S-Series Demo Page


Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX Document Center.

How to get started.

Installation Guide


In conclusion, the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX is a powerful and adaptable communication solution tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Its seamless integration of VoIP technology, scalability, user-friendly interface, and robust feature set make it a standout choice in the market. With the S20, businesses can elevate their communication capabilities, streamline operations, and ultimately drive growth. Invest in the Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX to experience a communication solution that evolves with your business.

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